Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The real Reason Cain Hates Charles.

"As step brothers, Cain and Charles never really got along while growing up. Here is an example of a reason why. Rather than try to get along, he would pull stunts like this. Charles is such a dick."

*Woot! First post of many to come. Before committing to the idea of making a Twisted Toyfare Theatre rip-off strip, many factors went into the inspiration of this. I do not recall how this came about, but a buddy an I were talking comics and somehow this joke came up. This prompted me to to, for fun, my own comic pulled from pre-existing comic frames and adding my own dialogue. This can be seen here. Quite the sad attempt at hilarity. 
Anyway, flash forward a few years and I began collecting Marvel mini-mates (the stars of this strip) and I found a Juggernaut. i purchased it simply cause I love the Juggernaut. I opened it up and to my surprise I found an solicit for other mini-mates that were made. One of these happened to be Prof. Xavier and from then on,  i knew what my mission had to be, make goofy comic strips with these toys. And here you go.

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