Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liefeld had this in mind.

Always eager to impress, Cable brings his A game for a great show. . . and his best buddy, Deadpool.

"Everyone who has read comics in the early 90's know a man by the name of Rob Liefeld, and if not, for shame. Regardless, he had a unique art style, that being every character he drew looked the same. Big guns, big shoulder pads and head dresses.

I know this joke has probably been done to death but I am okay with that as  I believe he helped create Cable solely for this joke to be done for all eternity. Why else would he always be toting an arsenal with him everywhere he goes? I know what folks are thinking, "Well he comes from the future where he needs to be prepared blah blah blah..." Nope only for this joke.

This was originally created July 12th, but I am slowly cycling the strips in weekly from my Facebook page where I started posting these, and if you can find me there, there are some (advanced) previews of what is to come."

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