Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deadpool #4- Zombie Style.

No silly puns or stupid jokes this week.In honor of the forth strip, I decided to pay tribute to Deadpool #4, Zombie Style!

"Anyone who knows me knows Deadpool is my favorite. He is my bestie. We go way back. His wacky antics and breaking the forth was always amuse me. There are a lot of folks however, who say he has been getting way to much exposure as of late (I believe ever since that damn Wolverine movie came out). And you know what I say to that? I completely agree. There have been a lot of crappy DP stories as of late, but that has not stopped me from snatching all them up. 

And I also lied, today's strip is filled with a joke in and of itself. It harkens back to the days of the "CCA" or "Comics Code Authority." Back in their heyday, they implemented a laundry list of no-no's for comics that included things you could not say on paper. 

Until lest week...

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