Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Joker's Wild

"Only a wild card would turn on poor ol' Remy like this."

This joke was too expensive to create. And I can't even take credit for it. A friend of mine from 1st grade did a drawing of this joke and after all these years I still remember it (I am almost 26). This one is for you Caleb, hope you are still as much a nerd as I am.

But back to my complaint on this being expensive. I have spent a lot of money on toys before, but what I paid for 2 two inch action figures, C'MON NAH! I had to scour eBay for weeks before I found a reasonable auction and ended up paying about $28 for the set (Psylocke was also included), which considering what it was going for elsewhere was not a bad deal. But

And I do apologize yet again for no strip last week as school has started back up and I had my first "real" week of it. I also did not get another minimate in the mail to run the strip I had planned to before running this one. In short, life happened and i just had to roll with the punches. Just so you are aware I am not a robot, but am simply a dude going to school, working here and there and trying to fit everything else in. This is probably the point where things may get a bit more erratic. But have faith, I do have more ideas to realize and they will get posted.

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