Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Running Paper Tiger Chases His Own Tail

But in all "fairness," the way Sabertooth fightes he should have seen this coming.

 Definitely one of my more vulgar strips I have ever done, but with a pair like this, it is kind of expected. This strip almost did not get done as school is really giving it to me. Okay, that is a lie, at least for this past weekend anyway. But I am going to go on a limb and apologize in advance for any future late strips. But on the plus, a whole pile of new stuff is coming out this month, such as this. So more ideas be a flowin' soon.

And speaking of this strip, it could have came out a lot better were it not for the accessories the Wolverine came with. he came with optional claw free hands which i wanted to use, but damn it they were black instead of the brown the clawed ones are and had I used them they would have looked terrible. Ah well. Until next week.

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