Wednesday, November 16, 2011

 Nightcrawler is lucky Deadpool didn't give him one across his lip!

Apologies for the delayed strip this week. I planned on having this done yesterday but I was dumb and forgot to charge my camera. In addition, i had not planned to run this joke this week either. But time constraints dictated I do a simpler idea this week.

Now there may be much to explain here as this strip looked a lot better in my head. Ya know in those old Tex Avery and Chuck Jones cartoons from years ago, and how when a character, say Tom from Tom and Jerry gets so scared that he turns white? That is what I was going for but I don't think I transitioned well. Anyway, Deadpool gets so scared he drops dead here.

For those who do not read comics regularly, Deadpool is also greatly infatuated with Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls and she died recently. . . last year I believe.

Finally there is a throwback to Sanford & Son in that middle frame. Rather than explain that, i will simply suggest you check the show out as it is very entertaining.

See you next week.

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