Wednesday, November 9, 2011


*Gasp!* Is this. . .can it be? By the Gods, I have established some continuity between two consecutive strips, forming *dramatic sound* "A Story Arc!" Okay, not really that big of a deal, but a small milestone I am proud of nonetheless. The characteristics of this strip itself however I am super proud of as I did not use photoshop nearly as much as I thought I was going to have to. The third frame has been thus far the most difficult to do as that is actual suspension for Luke, Spidey and Cap. Super fun setting that scene up. I may still go back later and work on it some more though.

But onto other subjects, if the Juggernaut just did this from the start in the zombie verse he would have been safe. This also begs the other question, and if you have not read any of the Marvel Zombies books then for shame as this is a bit of a spoiler, How the hell does The Juggernaut become a zombie in the first place? With Wolverine I can let it slide and the virus over powered his healing factor. . . which is BS. BUT, The Juggernaut constantly has a barrier surrounding the entirety of his person all the time as part of his gift from Cyttorak. Nothing can get in or out. Think about that for a bit and I'll be back with something else.

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